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2009 May 14 (Thursday)
On-line reputation -Interview Lars Kai Hansen Link
2009 May 13 (Wednesday)
Politiken Debat: Kulturarven på vej ned i digitalt sort hul?
2009 January 20 (Tuesday)
Denmarks Radio interview on neural networks Link
2008 June 8 (Sunday)
Interview in Jyllandsposten on privacy issues and intelligent search engines. Link to article (requires login).
2008 March 8 (Saturday)
Danish Radio interview with Lars Kai Hansen on brain function and engineering intelligent systems Listen at P1
2008 January 15 (Tuesday)
ISOUND's Lasse Mølgaard gave an interview on audio search to the premier Danish radio tech magazine Link to Denmarks Radio.
2007 September 12 (Wednesday)
Are the recent Osama statements real? Most likely, however, both video and audio can be faked. Link to Metro Express.
2007 April 26 (Thursday)
Børsen TV interview on the MIRocket at the opening of Forskningens Døgn Link for streaming TV.
2007 April 12 (Thursday)
Fremtidens hjerner. Interview med Lars Kai Hansen i P1 tema. Link.
2007 January 16 (Tuesday)
Mads Christensen laid the foundation of future sound formats. Link
2006 December 19 (Tuesday)
"Web 3.0 Internet der læser dine tanker". Kronik i Berlinske Tidende. Link
2006 June 25 (Sunday)
I rette rille. Politiken søndag 25. juni 2006 om behovet for at søge i lyd. [1,2]
2006 June 11 (Sunday)
Han kortlægger musikkens dna og sælger den på nettet. (Interview i politikken med Tim Westergren, taler ved IMM's lydseminar)
2006 June 8 (Thursday)
Computere skal laere at lytte til musik, Jyllands-Posten, link
2006 June 2 (Friday)
Danskere vil lave lydens Google, Politiken. link
2006 May 4 (Thursday)
Den personlige Juke-BoX, Jyllands Posten
2006 May 1 (Monday)
"Verdenspremiere paa DTU's digitale ansigt" Dynamo-DTU Nr. 5.
2006 April 3 (Monday)
DTU Avisen: "Digitalt ansigt hjaelper hoerehaemmede"
2006 February 28 (Tuesday)
Tue Lehn-Schioeler in TV2 Nyhederne on the project "Talking Faces".
2005 November 19 (Saturday)
Stilhed foer fremtiden, Lars Kai Hansen, Kronik in Jyllands Posten Download

Event archive

2009 July 1 (Wednesday)
EMMDS 2009. European Workshop on Challenges in Modern Massive Data Sets Technical University of Denmark - July 1–4, 2009. Link
2009 March 12 (Thursday)
Associate prof. Tobias Andersen. Inaugural speech: "Engineering Cognitive Systems". Friday March 13. 14:00-16:00 DTU Building 308, Room 011
2008 December 8 (Monday)
NIPS 2008. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems. Link.
2008 September 21 (Sunday)
ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Statistical And Perceptual Audition SAPA2008. 21 September 2008, Brisbane, Australia. Link.
2008 September 17 (Wednesday)
International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Adaptive knowledge Representation and Reasoning. Link.
2008 August 25 (Monday)
The 10th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition. 25-29 August 2008, Sapporo, Japan. Link.
2008 June 24 (Tuesday)
The 14th International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD), IRCAM, Paris, France.. Link.
2008 June 9 (Monday)
The first workshop on Cognitive Information Processing, Santorini, Greece. Link.
2008 June 4 (Wednesday)
CANCELLED: NORSIG 2008 Signal Processing Symposium in Copenhagen. Submission deadline Feb 28, 2008. Link.
2007 December 7 (Friday)
"Music, Brain & Cognition" - a two-day workshop organized as part of the NIPS Workshops, 7-8 Dec ‘07 Whistler Canada. Link.
2007 December 5 (Wednesday)
2nd international conference on Semantics And digital Media Technology (SAMT) - Genova, Italy
2007 September 3 (Monday)
EUSIPCO 2007 15'th European signal processing conference Potnan, Poland. Link for more information.
2007 August 27 (Monday)
International Computer Music Conference. Venue:Holmen Island in Copenhagen Monday, 27 August to Friday, 31 August. Link
2007 July 23 (Monday)
The 30th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval 23-27 July 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands link
2007 July 11 (Wednesday)
4th Sound and Music Computing Conference 11-13 July 2007,Greece link
2007 May 21 (Monday)
Third Intelligent Sound Workshop: May 21-23 2007. Venue: Karlslunde Strand Feriecenter
2007 April 26 (Thursday)
Intelligent Sound participates in opening of the national event "Forskningens Døgn". Link for more information.
2007 April 11 (Wednesday)
Talk by Stefania Serafin Wednesday April 11, 14:00 "Physical models for sound synthesis"
2007 April 1 (Sunday)
The IS Toolbox version 2.0
2007 March 15 (Thursday)
AES: Intelligent Audio Environments Conference, Saariselka, Finland. link
2007 March 8 (Thursday)
Ingemar Cox seminar: "On ranking the effectiveness of searches" Time and place
2006 December 20 (Wednesday)
Digital Music Research Network One-day Workshop Queen Mary University of Londonlink
2006 December 15 (Friday)
Deadline for "Special Issue of The IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing on Music Information Retrieval" link
2006 December 9 (Saturday)
Nips Workshop: Advances in Models for Acoustic Processing link
2006 December 6 (Wednesday)
1st Workshop on Learning the Semantics of Audio Signals (LSAS) 2006 link
2006 December 4 (Monday)
Intelligent Sound MIRocket demo at NIPS 2006 link
2006 November 17 (Friday)
Musik og lyd i det offentlige rum link
2006 November 15 (Wednesday)
Beyond The Soundbytes Conference, on the furture of the music market. link
2006 November 6 (Monday)
International Conference on Computer Music, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA. Submission deadline March 4, 2005.
2006 October 27 (Friday)
Audio and Music Computing for Multimedia Workshop in conjunction with ACM Multimedia '06 link
2006 October 8 (Sunday)
ISMIR 2006. Conference from Oct 8 to Oct 12 in Victoria, Canada. link
2006 September 17 (Sunday)
Music, Interactive Conducting, and Machine Learning, A two-week course link
2006 September 6 (Wednesday)
MLSP 2006 conference in Maynooth, Ireland, from Sep 6 to Sep 8. link
2006 August 18 (Friday)
PhD course on MIR in Aalborg link
2006 August 14 (Monday)
PhD course at DTU: Approximations in machine learning
2006 July 24 (Monday)
Summer School in Sound and Music Computing Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona, Spain July 24-28 link
2006 July 17 (Monday)
Music and Consciousness, Sheffield link
2006 July 1 (Saturday)
Deadline for sound search engine demo
2006 June 19 (Monday)
ICAD. The 12th International Conference on Auditory Display, June 19-24, London, UK link
2006 June 8 (Thursday)
One day seminar on audio information processing at DTU
2006 June 7 (Wednesday)
Peter Ahrendt will defend his phd thesis: "Music Genre Classification Systems – A Computational Approach"
2006 June 6 (Tuesday)
Anders Meng will defend his phd thesis: "Temporal feature integration for music organisation"
2006 May 22 (Monday)
Intelligent Sound project workshop
2006 May 20 (Saturday)
AES 120th Convention, May 20-May 23, in Paris, France, link
2006 May 14 (Sunday)
ICASSP 2006, Tolouse in France, May 14-19, 2006. link
2006 April 17 (Monday)
Paper submission deadline for ISMIR
2006 April 1 (Saturday)
Deadline for first version of MATLAB toolbox
2006 March 27 (Monday)
Simon Haykin is giving a talk: "Self-organized adaptive processor for solving the cocktail party problem" at DTU, Building 321, Room 053.
2006 March 5 (Sunday)
ICA 2006 in Charleston, South Carolina, March 5-8, 2006 link
2005 November 28 (Monday)
CIMCA 2005, Vienna, Austria link
2005 September 11 (Sunday)
ISMIR 2005 in London, 11 - 15 September 2005.
2005 August 15 (Monday)
Inaugural Workshop for Intelligent Sound Project in Korsør, August 15 - August 18, 2005.

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